A Trusted Company for Inspection Needs

I-Safety is a leading third party inspection company operating in Oman for many years. Today, we have a formidable reputation in the industry due to our unrivalled service quality. We strictly adhere to PDO inspection specifications, BS, EN, ASME, ISO standards.

Whether it is oilfield inspection services or MPI magnetic particle inspection in Oman, we cater to meet the industry’s inspection needs with an efficacy.

We are strongly committed to helping clients in protecting their staff, plan, and assets with our effective inspection solution. We offer an array of services that includes

  • MPI magnetic particle inspection in Oman
  • Load test certificate
  • Lifting equipment inspection
  • Lifting gear inspection
  • Forklift inspection
  • Hiab inspection
  • Mobile crane inspection
  • Elevator and escalator inspection
  • Kingpin fifth wheel inspection mpi

With qualified and experienced inspection Engineers on board, we take pride in delivering outstanding service, meeting the demands of client and corporate safety really well. We offer conducive assistance to our clients, facilitating them to face the growing challenges of quality, health, and safety diligently.

Strategic Pricing

We charge a nominal rate on our inspection services like lifting gear inspection or an elevator inspection. These can be availed with no hassle. We give assurance that quality is guaranteed on each and every service offered here.

With every passing year, our clientele are increasing at a rapid pace. They are extremely happy with our service. The positive response encourages us to give our best. Till now, we haven’t received harsh feedback from the client’s end related to our service.

Without any further ado, call us to avail our Hiab inspection and other services today!

If you need to inquire about our service, feel to connect us. We are just a call away!


Services For Cranes
Mobile Crane Inspection (Rough Terrain / All Terrain / Truck Mounted)
Other Cranes (Crawler Crane / Tower Crane / Overhead Travelling Crane / Gantry Crane / Level Luffing Crane / Jib Crane)
Third Party Inspection of Crane
Load Test of Crane
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of Main / Auxiliary Hook of Mobile Crane

Service for Loader Crane / Boom Truck (Hiab Inspection)
Third Party Inspection of Loader Crane (Hiab)
Load Test of Loader Crane (Hiab)
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of Loader Crane (Hiab) Hook

. Services for Earth Moving Machinery
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of Attachments (Bucket & Forks)
Third Party Inspection of Excavator
Third Party Inspection of Wheel Loader
Third Party Inspection of Backhoe Loader
Third Party Inspection of Dozer
Third Party Inspection of Grader
Third Party Inspection of Tipper
Third Party Inspection of Dumper
Third Party Inspection of Skid Steer Loader
Third Party Inspection of Roller
Third Party Inspection of Trencher
Third Party Inspection of Skid Steer Backhoe Loader

. Services for Material Handling Equipment
Forklift Inspection

Load Test for Forklift
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) for Forklift Forks
Third Party Inspection of Telehandler (Boom Loader)
Load Test of Telehandler (Boom Loader)
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of Telehandler (Boom Loader) Forks / Bucket
Third Party Inspection of Pallet Truck
Third Party Inspection of Stacker
Third Party Inspection of Ramps
Third Party Inspection of Trolleys

. Services for Manlift / Man Riding Equipment
(Scissor Lift, Spider Lift, Articulated Boom Lift, Telescopic Boom Lift, Aerial Lift)
Third Party Inspection of Manlift
Load Test of Manlift

. Services for Trailer / Tanker
MPI of King Pin of Trailer / Tanker / Flat Bed / Low Bed

. Services for Prime Mover
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of 5th Wheel of Prime Mover

Kingpin Fifth wheel inspection MPI

. Services for Winch
Third Party Inspection of Winch
Load / Pull Test of Winch

. Services for Construction Hoist / Passenger Hoist
Third Party Inspection of Construction Hoist / Passenger Hoist
Load Test of Construction Hoist / Passenger Hoist

. Services for Window Cradle / Hanging Platform
Third Party Inspection of Window Cradle / Hanging Platform
Load Test of Window Cradle / Hanging Platform

. Services for Lifting Gear / Accessories
Wire Rope Slings, Webbing Slings, Chain Slings, Lever Hoist, Manual Chain Hoist, Shackles, Cargo Lashing Belts, Turnbuckles, Ratchet Turnbuckles, Load Binders, Hooks, Eye Bolts,  Spreader Beams, etc.

Accessories/ Lifting Gear Inspection

. Services for Personal Protective Equipment
Harness, Hook Lanyards, Fall Arrestor, Descend Kit, Rescue Kit, Life Line, Work Position Lanyard
Third Party Inspection of Personal Protective Equipment

. Services for Air Compressor / Generator / Tower Light / Welding Machine
Third Party Inspection of Air Compressor / Generator / Tower Light / Welding Machine

. Services for Elevators and Escalators
Elevator and escalator inspection
Load Test of Elevators

. Services for Lifting Point
Pad Eyes / Eye Bolts / Eye Nuts / Load Rings / Swivel Lifting Point / Lifting Lugs / Lashing Point / Hoist Rings
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of Lifting Point
Load Test / Pull Test of Lifting Point

. Services for Life Extension of Equipment
Total Inspection of Equipment

. Services for Wire Rope
Break Load Test of Wire Rope

. NDT Services
Third Party Inspection of Welds

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