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Operator Training & Certification

Drive Your Career Growth as an Operator Through Our Training

Are you looking for a training provider for crane operator training? If yes, then you just have discovered the right training provider because we are the most preferred training provider in Oman that believes in giving world-class training.


Why should you choose us?

You will get necessary training and knowledge that you need in order to become a certified and professional rigger. From learning to operate crane to crane inspection, power line safety, lift planning, personnel handling, and assembly & disassembly. You can learn everything during the crane operator training that will make you a highly skilled operator.

In addition, we are experienced operators who are well-versed with all kinds of cranes and that include traditional and advanced cranes too. We give personal attention to all our trainees so that they can learn in a better way.


Who are eligible for the course?

  • Experienced and already trained operators who want to train themselves on advanced crane operation can apply
  • New operators who want to be professional operators can learn to operate
  • Operators who want hands-on training before becoming professional riggers can also join


The training module:

  • Crane operation safety process and protocols
  • Learning how to set-up crane and ground stabilization process
  • Extended load chart workshops and exercises
  • Operator aids and load moment indicators
  • Inspection of crane components
  • Wire rope types and its inspection
  • Driving skills
  • On job load control training
  • Lift planning
  • Assembling and Disassembling
  • Standards and regulations


Our approach

  • Relevant and project-based training
  • Experienced and certified instructors who are highly proficient in their trade
  • Program design and customized training modules to meet your dynamic needs
  • Training requirements assessment
  • Skill and competency assessment
  • Trainers to teach your in-house team at your premises or site
  • Train your own in-house instructors with our trainers at your site
  • Specialized in training for an oilfield operation
  • Evaluation and assessment of operators


We are an organization that believes in offering comprehensive crane operator training. Our trainers are highly qualified and trust the skill levels of each trainee before training them. Our trainers also go through various advanced training workshops to understand the current changes in the technological evolution and market dynamics.


Be it a small company or a big oilfield, we thrive to accommodate everyone’s needs. Therefore, we personalize and customize our services so that you can avail the right course. As far as cost is concerned, we are the most cost-friendly training provider in the market.


Our experience in oilfield inspection makes us more knowledgeable and expert in providing crane operator training. You can expect the highest standard of training. We thrive to be the most preferred operator training provider in the region and we are well on our way.


Call us today or visit us to find out how we can empower you in being a professional crane operator. It is time to trust the best trainers d we are the best training provider in the market.


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